Write to your Representative and tell them to Sunset the Tax Code!

The American public recognizes that the current federal income tax system is so complex and so riddled with special deals for special interests that it is inherently unfair and inherently inefficient.

The public NEEDS tax reform that results in a simpler and fairer system.

Please petition your Representative now and urge them to join us in proposing to sunset the Tax Code by January 1, 2020:

PETITION: Please legislatively terminate the US Tax Code as a first step towards meaningful tax reform.

You also have the opportunity to send a personal letter to your Representative explaining in greater detail your frustration with the current system. Suggested text will appear after you sign the petition in the boxes below. The suggested text is completely editable.

Make sure to petition your Senators too. CLICK HERE!

Public Comments
Feb 26th, 2016
Donna L. from Schwenksville, PA signed.
Feb 25th, 2016
William F. from Spring City, PA writes:
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We need to end the current income tax which redistributes money from earners to non-earners. It turns incentives upside down.
Feb 25th, 2016
Garry G. from Woodbury Heights, NJ signed.
Feb 24th, 2016
kyle s. from Hatboro, PA signed.
Feb 23rd, 2016
milton s. from Camden, NJ signed.
Feb 20th, 2016
Hayes R. from Denton, TX signed.
Feb 19th, 2016
KIM S. from Smyrna, DE signed.
Feb 19th, 2016
Kevin F. from Ambler, PA signed.
Feb 14th, 2016
Gail P. from Stockbridge, GA signed.
Feb 13th, 2016
Bridgette F. from Southfield, MI signed.
Feb 13th, 2016
Bridgette F. from Southfield, MI signed.
Feb 8th, 2016
Valeria B. from San Antonio, TX writes:
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Sir ma'am we the people want more better we want to work for us and ask us to work along side you...the MAX!
Nov 21st, 2015
Douglas B. from Pella, IA writes:
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This is the right thing to do on so many levels. The IRS is not only an insanely complex bureaucracy, but it also has become an unjust political weapon. It is irredeemable. Get rid of it and start a better, simpler system!
Nov 7th, 2015
Someone from Pittsburgh, PA signed.
Oct 13th, 2015
Steven C. from Philadelphia, PA signed.
Oct 9th, 2015
Robert S. from Mount Holly, NJ signed.
Oct 7th, 2015
Barbara A F. from Blue Bell, PA signed.
Oct 6th, 2015
Norman M. from Doylestown, PA writes:
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"NORMAX" Tax Reform alternatives are far better that FLAT Tax or FAIR Tax options.
Oct 3rd, 2015
Dennis B. from Wayne, PA writes:
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Simplify and get everyone involved with consumption tax
Sep 28th, 2015
francis l. from Woburn, MA signed.
Sep 27th, 2015
Bruce M. from Philadelphia, PA signed.
Sep 26th, 2015
Ronald G. from Rowley, MA signed.
Sep 25th, 2015
John and Michele B. from North Reading, MA writes:
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70,000 pages and $100B+ per year to comply -- it's time to scrap the IRS and build a simple tax code. Thank you.
Sep 24th, 2015
Someone from Sicklerville, NJ signed.
Sep 21st, 2015
ALBERT S. from Beverly, NJ writes:
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we need a simple more equitable across the board where all taxpayers pay the same rate.
Sep 18th, 2015
Hugh L. from Vincentown, NJ signed.
Sep 15th, 2015
JC C. from West Chester, PA signed.
Aug 24th, 2015
David H. from Southampton, PA signed.
Aug 2nd, 2015
Brian S. from Herndon, PA signed.
Jul 23rd, 2015
John T. from San Angelo, TX signed.
Jul 3rd, 2015
Someone from Tulsa, OK signed.
Jul 3rd, 2015
Harry S. from Forest City, PA signed.
Jun 29th, 2015
Leonard C. from New Canaan, CT signed.
Jun 25th, 2015
Don J. from Boca Raton, FL signed.
Jun 25th, 2015
Someone from Des Moines, IA signed.
Jun 25th, 2015
Anthony R. from Culver City, CA signed.
Jun 25th, 2015
paula h. from Reno, NV signed.
Jun 25th, 2015
Someone from Scottsdale, AZ writes:
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Time to end government theft of the taxpayer for the good of big corporations and politicians.
Jun 25th, 2015
Paul T. from Portsmouth, NH signed.
Jun 25th, 2015
Marc M. from Belleville, IL signed.