Write to your Representative and tell them to Sunset the Tax Code!

The American public recognizes that the current federal income tax system is so complex and so riddled with special deals for special interests that it is inherently unfair and inherently inefficient.

The public NEEDS tax reform that results in a simpler and fairer system.

Please petition your Representative now and urge them to join us in proposing to sunset the Tax Code by January 1, 2020:

PETITION: Please legislatively terminate the US Tax Code as a first step towards meaningful tax reform.

You also have the opportunity to send a personal letter to your Representative explaining in greater detail your frustration with the current system. Suggested text will appear after you sign the petition in the boxes below. The suggested text is completely editable.

Make sure to petition your Senators too. CLICK HERE!

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Sep 15th, 2016
Joan C. from Reading, PA writes:
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Come on, don't you want your taxes lowerd also... Let's work on this and find a way to make life better for everyone.
Sep 3rd, 2016
David M. from Voorhees, NJ writes:
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A simple and fair tax system is needed. Sunset the tax code now!
Aug 22nd, 2016
Mark S. from Sugarloaf, PA signed.
Aug 7th, 2016
Arthur K. from Warminster, PA signed.
Aug 5th, 2016
David M. from Blue Bell, PA writes:
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Flat tax is the only way all people pay their fair share!
Aug 1st, 2016
Cliff T. from Vincentown, NJ signed.
Jul 30th, 2016
Christian C. from West Chester, PA writes:
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Colin, Great job this morning on 990 AM radio WNTP with PA Senator Scott Wagner.
Jul 29th, 2016
John H. from Warminster, PA writes:
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Eliminating the current tax code is way overdue. A flat tax -- with NO exemptions or deductions -- should replace the disaster currently in effect.
Jul 28th, 2016
Steven L. from Cherry Hill, NJ writes:
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Simpler code means more revenue, less cheating. And let's face it, the only reason the tax code is what it is to help "the rich" (people like you and your friends) legally cheat the system.
Jul 27th, 2016
Shawn C. from Philadelphia, PA writes:
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What we have now is too complex. You can't amend it because there are too many variables to take into account. Start at square one again with the limitation that whatever is decided upon has to be voted on by all the people. So it has to be short, easy to understand, and only able to be amended by another all-voter referendum