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Call for Conservative Solidarity on ObamaCare

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Call for Conservative Solidarity on ObamaCare

Write to your U.S. Senators (placing priority on the Republicans) NOW and tell them you want these two things:

1) Harry Reid must allow at least one vote on the House bill as is.

2) Your Senator should support a 60-vote threshold by threatening to support a filibuster of any effort that would add ObamaCare funding back into the House bill.

America cannot afford ObamaCare.  A growing majority of the American people disapprove of the law, as more and more of its disastrous effects are revealed on a weekly basis.

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1. I do not want our gov't to have "life and death" control over everyone. 2. Congress must live by all the laws they impose on us.(Why did they opt-out of Obamacare? Why can't we have the same freedom?) 3. IRS has already proven that they punish conservatives (tax-exempt status scandal) 4. Freedom of Conscience must be protected from gov't coercion (from IRS).
LET'S GO REPUBLICANS! I don't want to pay for illegal aliens' insurance. I don't want to pay for abortions. I don't want to pay for anybodys birth control. It's ridiculous.
All we want is what the President gave to big business.
This legislation was passed with bribes and other nefarious means.
The President insisted it was not a tax, yet the Supreme Court upheld because it is a tax.
Please do not allow ObamaCare to be funded in any form! We need Republicans to take a firm stand and respect the voters desire to defund ObamaCare!

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